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Medical Practices Insurance

Medical Practices Insurance

While all businesses benefit from various types of business insurance, medical practices in particular need to make sure that they are protected in specific ways. While doctors may need to carry malpractice insurance in particular, that doesn’t cover the business itself. For example, malpractice insurance won’t help a patient who slips and falls in the waiting room. At Dominick Falcone Agency, we have the experience that medical businesses in Syracuse need to protect themselves.  

Like most businesses, there are several insurance types that medical practices should consider carrying in order to fully protect their business. As a few examples:  

  • Liability Insurance: While malpractice insurance may cover mistakes that doctors make during the treatment of a patient, liability insurances generally cover accidents that occur within the building itself. Someone who slips and falls on a wet floor, for example, may be covered under liability insurance.  

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance: Medical practices tend to have many different employees, from medical technicians to nurses to office workers. While liability insurance often covers those coming in and out of the building as customers or patients, it generally does not cover workers.  

  • Business Interruption Insurance: If your practice had to be closed for a length of time due to repairs or a natural disaster, business interruption insurance may help to cover your income and let you keep up with your expenses during that time.  

  • Commercial Property Insurance: This type of insurance can help to cover the physical building from damage. Special riders, however, may be necessary to protect businesses from disasters like fire or flooding.  

  • Professional Liability Insurance: Also called malpractice insurance, these policies help to protect doctors and nurses from errors or mistakes made during actual medical practice. When a doctor fails to perform their job properly, this insurance can help cover any damages.   

If your medical business in Syracuse is looking for insurance, contact Dominick Falcone Agency at 315-422-6128. With our extensive experience in Syracuse, we can help your business find the right combination of insurance policies to protect your business as well as possible. Contact us today to get a quote on the best insurance policies for your company, or to review the insurance you currently have.