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Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

As a business, your location is often your livelihood. In order to access the best lending, bid on certain contracts, and simply protect your business, maintaining insurance is absolutely necessary. Knowing what type of insurance your company needs, however, can be complicated. Policies exist that cover physical buildings, income, inventory, and more – but not every insurance is necessary for every company. At Dominick Falcone Agency in Syracuse, our agents will help you understand the available commercial insurance options to find the right package for your individual company.  

Just a few of the insurance types that may help you support and protect your business:  

  • Insuring buildings. If your building were to be destroyed, would your property insurance cover the replacement? Dominick Falcone Agency can help you determine if your insurance coverage is adequate.  

  • Flood insurance. Some commercial property insurance policies exclude flooding from their coverage. We will help you determine whether your policy offers this coverage, and we can assist you in locating a rider that will help protect you from flooding.  

  • Business Income Interruption Coverage. If your business were recovering from massive damage, would your company continue to operate in the interim? If the answer is no, then considering business interruption coverage can help you protect your income and continue to meet your expenses while rebuilding occurs.  

  • Electronic Data Processing Insurance. Most policies don’t offer enough coverage for modern data networks and potential threats. EDP insurance helps to protect your computers themselves from concerns like power surges and potential virus attacks.  

  • Business Personal Property Coverage. Many basic commercial property insurance policies cover the physical building, but not your furniture, inventory, or other business possessions inside the building. Dominick Falcone Agency can help you determine if your policy is enough to help your business recover after a disaster.  

At Dominick Falcone Agency, we pride ourselves on helping our customers find the right insurance packages to meet their needs. We have many years of experience in Syracuse and understand what helps companies to thrive. We’re happy to meet with you and see what coverage will best protect your business – whether that means reviewing the coverage you have, or helping you set up fresh commercial property insurance packages for your business.  

Contact Dominick Falcone Agency in Syracuse today at 315-422-6128 to learn more about what insurance products we offer and to find the right commercial property insurance option for your business.