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Hospitality Insurance

Hospitality Insurance

All businesses need insurance, but different types of companies need different sorts of insurance. In the hospitality business, there are very specific insurance policies that may be necessary to adequately protect your business. At Dominick Falcone Agency in Syracuse, we have worked with many companies in the hospitality industry and can help you put together the right package for your business.   

From hotels to B&Bs, with or without restaurants inside, protecting your business makes it easier to get the best possible lending and work with the very best customers. The first and most important thing to know is that a regular homeowner’s insurance policy is probably not enough to protect your business. Here are a few of the things that you might need a specific business policy to cover:  

  • Commercial Property Insurance: some homeowner’s policies will not cover business activities in a residential home. You may need to take out a separate policy simply to cover the business part of your home. This can help protect your home during a disaster, for instance.

  • Flood Insurance: many policies, both homeowner and business, do not cover flooding. Separate flood insurance can often be purchased to protect the home from water damage.  

  • General liability insurance: if a guest in your hotel or B&B falls, injures themselves, or becomes ill after staying at your business, liability insurance may help to protect you.  

  • Income Interruption: This policy can protect your income if your business needs to close for some reason. For example, if you had a kitchen fire and needed to close your B&B while you made repairs, this insurance might be able to help you keep up with your expenses.  

  • Special Events Insurance: For those who regularly host special events, like weddings or parties, as part of their business, special events insurance may be particularly important. This can help to cover injuries at the event, and may include alcohol liability.  

At Dominick Falcone Agency, we are ready to help you find the right insurance policy package for your hospitality business in Syracuse. With many years of experience in the area, we know what your business needs not just to survive, but to thrive. Contact us today at 315-422-6128 to learn more about the insurance options we offer.