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Employment Practices Insurance

Employment Practices Insurance

While business liability insurance can cover companies against many different types of lawsuits, employment practice insurance may not be covered in a general business package. EPL insurance helps protect companies against lawsuits related to various violations due to their employment practices. Dominick Falcone Agency can review your current business coverage and help you determine if you have the right insurance for your Syracuse company.  

Employment practices insurance can help to cover businesses in a variety of situations, including:  

  • Hiring Practices Discrimination. If someone is interviewed but not hired due to being part of a protected category (such as their gender, their disability status, or their age), they could choose to sue the company.  

  • Harassment Claims. If an employee alleges harassment, sexual or otherwise, then this insurance can help to protect your business.  

  • Wrongful Termination. If an employee believes that they were fired for illegitimate reasons and decides to sue, this insurance can help to protect the company from the costs of that lawsuit.  

  • Employment-Related Issues. This is a broader category, but it can cover issues such as a failure to promote.  

While all businesses should have robust insurance around their employment practices, smaller or newer businesses are often the most vulnerable to these claims. They often do not yet have a full HR department to ensure that hiring, firing, and on-the-job work follows legal requirements. They also may not yet have a comprehensive employee handbook that lays out expectations and regulations.  

Employers sometimes believe that since they conduct their business in good faith, they will never be sued due to their business practices. What’s important to remember is that even if the company eventually wins the lawsuit, they still need to pay for a lawyer and court fees in the interim. These costs can mount quickly, and can easily bankrupt small businesses.  

To determine whether or not your business has the right coverage in place, contact Dominick Falcone Agency. We’ll review the coverage you have currently, as well as your current employment status. We can offer advice on resources to help you complete handbooks and other projects that may help your business protect itself. We can also offer insurance options that will protect your business over the long term. To learn more about employment practices liability insurance in Syracuse, contact Dominick Falcone Agency at 315-422-6128 and get a free quote.