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Umbrella Insurance

from Dominick Falcone Agency

Umbrella Insurance

Do you feel that your homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, and business insurance have sufficient liabilities to cover your needs? For some people, the answer is yes, but for others, there may be a reason for concern. Perhaps you have several valuable possessions that need specialized protection, or perhaps you’re concerned about the potential for legal fees related to injuries on your property. There may also be liabilities that your regular insurance might not cover. Could your liability insurance protect your assets and your income? At Dominick Falcone Agency, we can help you review your current insurance policies in Syracuse and help you determine whether your coverage is right for you.  

There are two specific purposes for personal umbrella insurance:  

  • This insurance pays for specific items that other insurances may not cover, such as lawsuits related to slander, libel, and liability related to rental units that you own.  

  • It also covers additional liability if you hit coverage limits on other plans. For example, if you are involved in a serious auto accident and the other party has significant medical bills, those bills might exceed your insurance limits. Umbrella insurance could step in and pay additional costs.  

Whether or not you need umbrella insurance is a very personal decision. To find out if this insurance coverage might be right for you, the best solution is to contact Dominick Falcone Agency to discuss your specific situation and find out what your current policy might reasonably cover. From there we can look at what additional coverage may better protect your assets and your income.  

With many years of experience offering personal umbrella insurance in Syracuse, as well as other insurance products, we know what local customers need. We’re ready to help you find exactly the right insurance package for your needs. Contact Dominick Falcone Agency today at 315-422-6128 to go over your policy and determine if you have enough coverage to protect your assets in case of a major event.